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  • Walkways 

    • There are many options to creating a beautiful walkway. We can discuss material options as well colors and textures.

  • Fire pits 

    • A great way to add excitement to your yard! Whether it’s for your family of two or an upcoming graduation party let the endless enjoyment of your fire pit come to a reality!

  • Retaining walls

    • Is your old timber retaining wall falling apart? We can help, natural boulders and segmental retaining wall systems can insure the look and quality you can count on.

  • Patios

    • Do you like the rustic look of flagstone or the modern look of pavers? We can help you make the best decision to fit the style of your home.


Shrub & Perennial Care

  • Pruning

    •  Help maintain your plants appearance while promoting new healthy growth.

  • Hedge trimming 

    • Giving a nice uniform look throughout your landscape.

  • Weeding

    •  Removing unwanted weeds from your landscape.


Nursery Stock

  • Perennials 

  • Shrubs

  • Trees



  • Hardwood

  • Double Shredded Hardwood

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Cypress

  • Shredded Pine Bark



  • Plastic

    • The perfect way to keep that defined line between your yard and landscape for years. Plastic edging is installed at the proper depth to insure it will not be seen to the eye as well making it for trouble-free mowing.

  • Trench 

    • Trench edging is a sustainable way to edge your beds by creating a tough like opening around the landscape which allows mulch to sit nicely  and create the clean line you are looking for.


Water Features

  • Fountains

    • Lacking the space for a water feature? No problem, fountains are a simple and cost effective way to get the pleasing sounds of water where it may be impossible otherwise. We can create a beautiful fountain that will fulfill your needs.

  • Ponds

    • There is noting more enjoyable then coming home to your very own koi pond. The tranquil sounds of water with the vibrant colors of the koi create your own stress free paradise.

  • Pond-less Waterfalls

    •  Low maintenance waterfalls that are very efficient and safe, especially if you have a lot of young children around.


Customer Reviews

Black Brook Lawn & Landscaping

Customer Reviews

Mike L 05/01/2016

It went Great! They came to look at the bare area and designed it with an array of different plants. A year later the once bare area is full of life. The plants have grown substantially, and the blooming flowers are beautiful.

Thomas T 3/10/2017

Everything went as agreed, very professional, I would highly recommend Black Brook to anyone in need of these services

Dean N 3/10/2017

Job went good. I have already contacted them for more work this spring.

Gary C 1/9/2019

Very professional, competitive pricing, nice people to work with, does excellent and timely work, highly recommend