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Having the Best Lawn in Wisconsin

Black Brook is here to take care of all your lawn care needs. Give us a call for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you and your yard!


Mowing is very important for keeping a nice healthy lawn. Cutting too much off your lawn at a given time is very stressful for your yard. Keeping up with weekly maintenance will give your lawn the best results.  At Black Brook we sharpen our blades daily giving you the best cut possible. 


Did you always want that lush green lawn? Fertilizing is very important to help the overall growth of your lawn. Having a healthier thicker lawn keeps your yard stronger with better root development. This will also help less weeds reach the surface. 

Weed Control 

Does your lawn have stubborn weeds? Not all weed control is the same. Black Brook will look at your lawn and identify the best treatment plan for your needs. 


Aeration helps build stronger roots and increases nutrition uptake. It reduces soil compaction that develops over time. Aeration can be done once or twice a year depending on the soil type and how much traffic the yard receives. 


If you’re looking at your lawn and see a lot of dead built up material on the surface of the soil, you may need your lawn de-thatched. This can be done two different ways depending on how many years it has been building up. 


If your lawn isn’t as thick as you like or areas after the winter months  bare spots are showing, overseeding is a great option to fill in those areas. This can be done along with aeration to help with soil to seed contact. Seed can also be injected underground to help retain moisture and prevent runoff from rainfall. 


Not sure what is going on with your lawn? A pH test can answer a lot of unknown questions. A very acid lawn will have trouble absorbing  nutrients and will result in a poor looking yard. This can be fixed by lime applications and over time have your yard back on track. 

Customer Reviews

Black Brook Lawn & Landscaping

Customer Reviews

Mike L 05/01/2016

It went Great! They came to look at the bare area and designed it with an array of different plants. A year later the once bare area is full of life. The plants have grown substantially, and the blooming flowers are beautiful.

Thomas T 3/10/2017

Everything went as agreed, very professional, I would highly recommend Black Brook to anyone in need of these services

Dean N 3/10/2017

Job went good. I have already contacted them for more work this spring.

Gary C 1/9/2019

Very professional, competitive pricing, nice people to work with, does excellent and timely work, highly recommend